babytiamo about foto

Our maternity and nursing lingerie brand Baby, Ti Amo was born in May 2012.
Our stylist, a new mom herself and a professional industrial designer, has teamed up with another two like-minded friends, contemplating the idea of creating an innovative and fashionable maternity lingerie in Italy.
Very soon we were launching our first collection, entirely designed and produced in Italy.
Our pieces are created to not only support a changing woman’s body, but to make a fashion statement: being pregnant doesn’t mean you have to dress dull.
Since then, Baby Ti Amo lingerie has become a unique and exclusive brand, available in limited editions to fashion conscious mothers.
To manufacture our collections we are using Italian textiles, and all our lingerie and swimwear know-how’s come from the small, family run factory in Northern Italy.
A Baby, Ti Amo woman is a style icon, with the captivating charm of “Je ne sais quoi”.
Her looks ooze a sleek, glamorous chic and subtle sexiness with a hint of rocker’s vibe.
Even when pregnant or nursing she stays true to her fashion sense and dresses according to her lifestyle.
She effortlessly wears edgy and trendy designs, with the feel of the sophisticated, contemporary luxury.
We believe it is possible to be stylish while pregnant or nursing! Your body changes, but your style doesn’t!
Presented this January in Paris, our new “The Rock Star in You” collection is available on-line now.